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The Vision

United Dance Productions opened in 1990. Since its inception, UDP strives to offer the highest level of dance training to the community. Along with professional instructors, UDP continues to improve the education and training of dancers and the development of creative artists who are valued locally and internationally throughout the profession.

It is the dream of Suzette Harvey, founder and artistic/executive director of  United Dance productions, through UDP, to provide legitimate opportunities for Bermudians in the field of dance. We believe that given the chance, Bermudians are capable of developing world class skills and as such, are able to participate in the dance industry at the international level. Our goal is to expose the world to Bermuda’s talent through international tours, and to bring world recognition to Bermudian dance artists.



  • Overseas Training

  • Festivals

  • Master Classes


Committed to the Community

Service to the community is a founding pillar of UDP. Since it’s existence, the school has participated in countless community events for organisations including but not limited to: The Ministry of You and Sport, The Department of Cultural Affairs, The Bermuda Festival of Performing Arts, The Bermuda Music Festival, Harbour Nights, and numerous charities, conventions etc. UDP believes in bringing the community into our dance school by providing a safe haven for Bermuda’s youth to develop their bodies and to be a part of a supportive, encouraging, professional environment.


Strict Code of Conduct

Using dance as a metaphor for life, UDP believes in applying the power of dance to transform Bermudian youth. Since its inception in 1990, the school has been focused not only on training, exposing and developing dance skills, but also on encouraging students to be focused and disciplined individuals. As such, a strict code of conduct is enforces and expectations are high for each and every student.

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