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Classes Offered at UDP

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Intro to Dance

An awareness of movement is developed with rhythmical movement to song and verse.

Uniform: Pink Leotard with nude tights

Jr. Intro to Dance

A two year program that provides an introduction to basic music, movement and rhythm. This class develops a child's creativity and imagination.

Uniform: Pink leotard with nude tights

Classical Ballet

Ballet for beginning student starting at 7 years up to advanced levels. It is highly recommended that once students reach junior level that they participate in two classes per week, one of which should be ballet.  Ballet is an extremely disciplined form of dance that is the basis for all other forms of dance.

Uniform: Nude leotard with nude tights (purchased from UDP)


A form for the advancing ballet student, recommended only as dancers reach the required physical capability.

Uniform: Nude leotard with nude tights (purchased from UDP)


Modern dance is the technical form of jazz and a variety of styles from lyrical to contemporary.  Classes improve a dancer's sense of performance and an excellent way of developing co-ordination, balance, style and confidence.

Uniform: Black unitard/ black leotard and bike shorts


Jazz is a current form of dance, which extracts movement from a variety of sources such as music videos, broadway musicals, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and modern dance.

Uniform: Bike shorts and leotard


Danced by "hoofers", it is considered a rhythmical, stimulating style of dance.  This form of dance is a fun way of developing co-ordination, skill and musicality.

Uniform: Leotard with fitted pants or tights and black tap shoes.


This form of dance carries elements from various street/club dances. Hip-Hop is a broad genre that has freedom and room for personal interpretation, allowing more creativity.

Uniform: Comfortable clothing and sneakers. No jeans.

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